Crafts & Recipes


~Knitting~ {Another passion coming soon!}

   * I have to give warm credit to my student, Nicole "Nick".  She was in my language arts class period 2 last school year and she TAUGHT ME HOW TO KNIT!!!  Hopefully I'll be able to post some of our pictures soon...


~Diaper Cakes made by me (baby showers)~ {Still another passion coming soon!} 


~Custom Candy Wrappers {party favors made by me}~ {And another passion coming soon!}


~Seasonal Wreaths * Handmade by me~ {Yep, another passion coming soon!}




* Haupia -  Described in one word...  YUM!
   This is a traditional Hawaiian dessert usually served at luaus.  To me, it has the texture of a cross between cheese cake and Jell-o and is absolutely coconutty!  YUM!  { I cheat and use a ready-mixed powder and just add water }, but here's an easy online recipe:

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