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PC Tech Repair

     Today I had to repair my daughter's "crashed" pc.  She runs Windows 8.  On start up, the screen would display message "selected boot image did not authenticate".  I googled this  notice.  In the end, I finally repaired the problem by:

     1)  Holding down F9 then pressing ON button.
     2)  When message (I forgot what it was) at the bottom left of screen came on, I pressed F10.
     3)  You need to DISABLE security boot and ENABLE legacy boot and save changes and exit.
     4)  When restarting again, I did the F9 thing again.  This time when message came on, I tapped
     5)  That's when I got to the system repair option (along with other options).  I selected total
           system repair, even though it meant wiping everything out and regaining default status on
           the system.

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